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Flickering Lives is the tale of a boy becoming a man, growing up, and falling in love. 17 Year old Brent Underwood spends most of his days playing his guitar, dreaming of the beautiful Nikki Wheeler, and trying to find his place in the world. By 23, he forms the heavy metal band called Inferno, and now must juggle a stressful career as well as friendship, family, relationship, and personal struggles. Brent comes to realize that the world around him is constantly growing and changing, and that the lives of men are constantly flickering on and off, but never completely burning out.

To all my new fans, welcome! To my returning fans, welcome back!
Flickering Lives was long due for a rewrite, and so, that's what it's currently getting.
You can imagine the fun it is to read the drafts of something I wrote five years ago.
The chapters will be re-written by hand, edited, typed up and edited again, and then put here for your reading pleasure.
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Part One - The Beginning